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Week FOUR - Every Heart A Manger
Reminder: Watch this video the week of Dec 16 - Dec 22

You will be blessed as you are reminded of how God's magnificent love for mankind in general, and you in specific, is made plain through the simple, ordinary story of the first Christmas. Because of this, every day can be Christmas, and every heart can be a manger.

Scripture of the Week

For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.
~ John 3:16 (NLT)

Discussion / Journaling Question

Max points out beautifully through his "Christmas movie" how we are all similar to the Christmas trees we often use to decorate our homes this time of year. You may wish to discuss this concept with your family over a meal as you prepare for Christmas Day, or with friends as you visit during this last week of the Christmas season...

Questions to ponder, journal, or discuss with others enjoying this study with you:

  1. In what ways are the act of bringing a Christmas tree you've selected into your home like God coming and chosing you to adorn a part of his kingdom?
  2. Do you sometimes have to trim off some excesses from a tree to make it "fit" for the purpose you've chosen it for? Do you sometimes experience God doing the same with you in your life (the Bible calls this practice "pruning")?
  3. Once the tree is selected and placed and pruned, it is ready to display the beautiful ornaments and lights. How does this stage apply to our example of your life in God's plan and purpose?
  4. You may wish to journal or share with others some of the ways God has both "trimmed" your life this year, and also is decorating it with the ornaments of his choosing as well.

Week Four Study

Watch: Session 4 video

Read: Because of Bethlehem Study Guide, pages 79-98

Suggested: Read this week's Blog

Optional: Because of Bethlehem (Book), Chapters 11-12 (pages 117-136)

Next Week

Session 5: Catch-Up Week!

Available Dec 23 - Dec 29

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